NemID: An Introduction

One of the first things you will encounter when moving to Denmark is the constant requests for you to login via NemID. NemID is a clever authentication system that is mandatory for signing into all sorts of things, from your bank website to accessing government and health resources. You’ll use NemID multiple times a week on average and while the system is pretty straight-forward, there are a few tricks that will save you a lot of headaches.

  • NemID takes a week or two in order to set up. You are very limited in terms of what you can sign up for without a NemID, however you can do this during your initial trip to get your CPR card and everything else. What you will get is a sort of confusing packet in the mail that initially won’t make a lot of sense.
    • You need the NemID-number, which you will get in your welcome letter
    • Your temporary password, which you have received by mail or text
    • Your code card, this is a large plastic sheet of random codes you get in the mail (see what I mean, it’s like a 1950s spy novel)

The process to activate this is pretty simple.

  1. Follow the self-service instructions in the letter
  2. Enter your NemID number (9 digits) as the User ID as shown in this screen:

Nem ID Login

  1. Use the temporary password you got at the citizen service center (borgerservice)
  2. Choose either a new 4 digit or password based authentication system.
  3. Finally enter the code that lines up with the 4 digit code card location.

Great, now that the service is activated, here is the part nobody told me until much later.

Go to the App Store for your smartphone and download the NemID app. Now you don’t need to carry around the stupid code cards everywhere you go. Congrats!